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Toxic people use blame-shifting instead of taking responsibility

One of the red flags of an emotional abuser is that they use blame shifting to escape accountability. They treat you badly, act disrespectfully, verbally attack you, and then focus on your reaction, claiming you are unstable, responsible for everything that goes wrong within the relationship, or that you need to seek professional help. Feeling hurt, angry and upset are completely normal reactions and feelings to abuse, or someone being rude or cruel. What is not normal, is the toxic person shifting the blame to you instead of apologizing, showing remorse or taking accountability. Don’t allow this kind of toxicity in your life. Get out of that situation so that you can breathe clearer air. You don’t deserve to be gaslighted or verbally assaulted by anybody. And yes, they will tell the story that paints you as the bad person because they will never take responsibility for their own actions. That’s okay though, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks because you know the truth. Remember this, letting someone create a false narrative of you is a small price to pay for having rid yourself of their toxicity. #nomore #notoxicity #innerpeace #walkaway #takebackyourlife #getrealwithrobin #THECOLLECTIVE @AuthorRobinCote

Tune out the negativity

I’ve often had people ask me how I stay so positive when there’s so much negativity around. It’s not always easy but we have to focus on the good things in life and not so much on the bad. We have to focus on things we can control and let go of the things we can’t control. Yes, there is a lot of crazy stuff happening in our world right now but if we can’t contribute to the positivity then why get caught up in the negativity? I watch the news to find out about traffic and weather. I turn it off when it comes to everything else. I understand where things are at and where we may be possibly headed but I can’t live my life day to day in fear. My mother would sit and watch the chaos breaking out everyday and would find herself getting sick and upset with fear of what may happen in the future. I told her to turn it off. I told her to read her books or to listen to some music, to watch a show like her favorite game show. We can’t allow the narrative of what’s happening to create fear within ourselves every day. That’s just negativity all the way around. Turn it off and tune it out. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Take a walk or a drive somewhere. Let yourself be enveloped with Mother Nature. Get out of the negative state of mind because it doesn’t do you any good. Our purpose on Earth is to live each day to its fullest. We can’t change what’s already happened in the past and we certainly can’t sit around and fear what the future may bring. All we can do is enjoy every minute of every day that we have in this lifetime. Make the most of it and get away from the negativity. It’ll do your heart, mind, body and soul good. #nonegativityallowed #protectyourenergy #notoxicity #innerpeace #positivevibes #getrealwithrobin #THECOLLECTIVE @AuthorRobinCote

Never be afraid to share your truth

For those of you who share your stories, you’re going to run into those people who will bad mouth you, saying that you share way too much about your private life and make it sound like you have some sort of ego problem because you’re talking so much about the things you’ve been through. Well let me tell you something, it takes a hell of a lot of strength for you to be vulnerable and to open yourself up and share your stories in order for you to heal and to also help others. Some of us had to struggle through that darkness all alone, with no help from anyone. We had to dig deep and find that inner strength to pull ourselves out. Others were able to get help because they opened themselves up and asked for it. If anybody ever tells you that you share way too much, screw them. We are here to live, love, learn and teach one another. If we are not willing to bare our souls and be vulnerable, then what’s the point of everything we’ve been through? You’re going to have naysayers and haters but it doesn’t make a bit of difference. Continue to share your story because you never know who you might inspire to take back their own life or give someone hope and let them know that they are not alone. #youmatter #truth #vulnerability #tellyourstory #authenticity #getrealwithrobin #THECOLLECTIVE @AuthorRobinCote

New Episode of Get Real with Robin is live! Fighting fires on the Con-Crew. A story of redemption and rehabilitation.

We all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes have consequences that force us to take a hard look at ourselves. Michael Hale made a bad decision that landed him in prison at the age of 20. Instead of getting caught up in the “prison way of life” he made the decision to use his time to work on bettering himself, working to help educate other prisoners and eventually getting himself on to the prison fire fighting crew. Michael has taken back his life and now he shares his story in hopes of inspiring others and letting them know that even though you make a mistake, you can always change your life for the better.


Grow through your lessons in order to help others

No matter what happens to us in our lives, we always have the opportunity to turn things around. Every negative can be turned into a positive. Every experience that we have gone through can show us exactly what we are made of. We don’t have to remain in a victim mentality or state of mind. We can take what we’ve been through and turn it around not only to help ourselves in our journey but maybe even shed some light on some of the things that others have gone through and show them that they are not alone. Never be afraid to stand up and use your voice. Never be afraid to share the journey you’ve been through. You may Inspire others to take back their lives and to start living again. #youmatter #yourstorymatters #beeauthentic #bethelight #getrealwithrobin #THECOLLECTIVE @AuthorRobinCote